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Me late 40's


With dry, sensitive skin. I've been using this almost 2 weeks as a mask, 3 times a week, leaving 20-25 minutes each time, since I prefer using a different cream as my moisturizer/SPF during the daytime. I d like the feel of this cream on my face under makeup, it makes my skin feel a little rough and sticky until it s in, so I choose to use as a mask (it can be used either way). Even though my skin is sensitive, I noticed no stinging at all. There is a light fragrance, maybe it's the honey. I'm lucky I don't have many wrinkles on my forehead at all, just a deepening of nose-to-mouth lines. This cream seems to plump those up, they come back later. Maybe the results will be cumulative over a longer time period. I'll update later on."


Penny Peterson

I love beenigma, I have been using it for approx 12 months and i honestly wouldn't use another moisturiser again! Its amazing in all the right ways!

this is a game changer!

Christina George

Beenigma One is one of a kind face moisturiser, it leaves your face feeling not only tight but refreshed and the smell is amazing!

So creamy and nourishing


The texture of this cream is amazing, the thickness soaks into my now not so dry skin LOVE LOVE nourishing to the skin and my soul

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Is there anyone who should not use Beenigma®?
YES - do not use Beenigma® if you have a known bee allergy.
Why does the Bee Venom in Beenigma® have an anti-aging effect?
What makes Bee Venom a healthy treatment for our skin?
Does making Beenigma® harm or kill the bees that provide the Bee Venom?
Why is Manuka Honey more beneficial than regular honey for our skin?
What other key ingredients are used in Beenigma?
How do you use Beenigma®?
Is Beenigma® paraben free?

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